Breath/ Breadth, New York
Brooklyn College Hillel, Jewish Art Now, 7. März - 6. Juni 2013
Kunst am Spreeknie


Jewish Art Now and the Brooklyn College Hillel are proud to present a group exhibition of emerging & established Jewish artists with interactive programs, food, and video art on display. This is the first exhibition in the Hillel and is intended to bring creativity and dialogue into this large community space.

7pm doors open/ 8pm Performances by Open Tent Theater Company/ 9pm Interactive Digital Art Performance by Paige Dansinger/ Video Art by Cynthia Beth Rubin, David Asher Brook (Australia), & Dov Lederberg (Israel)

On the table: Hand crafted works by Alexsey Aronov and ook-fashion (imported from Germany)


Open Tent Theater Company is a melting pot of theater artists dedicated to creating high-quality theater experiences in Uptown Manhattan and beyond. We strive to build an inclusive space for diverse performances of works old and new. Open Tent is committed to engaging all individuals who are enthusiastic about the performing arts, providing a home for creative expression and thought-provoking artistic experiences.

More information: Contact: Giselle D'Souza

Paige Dansinger is a fine artist and art historian who uses social media to teach art history through the ipad app #DrawArt she helped create. Paige uses #DrawArt to recreate famous art from museums on her mobile phone and was used to create works included in the Gutai: Splendid Pleasure, Card Box, at the Guggenheim (Feb-May, 2013), as well as highlighted recently in ARTnews Magazine as an "Artist to Follow on Instagram".

Mo - Thu 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr, Fr 10.00 - 14.00 Uhr, Brooklyn College Hillel, 2901 Campus Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11210

Breath, New YorkBreath, New YorkBreath, New YorkBreath, New YorkBreath, New YorkBreath, New York

Künstler/ Artists

Amos Plaut (Germany), Ariel Burger, Chana Rosenberg (Israel), David Orlansky, Dikla Stern (Germany) Dina Dee, Esther Pam Zibell, Joel Silverstein, Mordechai Hanover, Noaj Sauer, (Argentina), Natalia Kadish, Peter Barelkowski, Sara Schraeter, Shais Rison, Ryan FitzgeraldSolomon Siegel, Yaakov Bressler, Yitzchok Moully, Yona Verwer